Maggie – Water Therapy Helps Paralyzed Dog to Walk

The lovely Maggie suffers from a condition called Fibro Cartilaginous Embolism (FCE) – which basically means that Maggie had a stroke in her spine. Maggie lost use of her hind legs, bladder and bowels, which for a 55lb dog in this condition requires so much extra care. Her owners found her prognosis was not good and after finding out they were going to have a baby on top of the mounting vet bills, keeping Maggie was something they could no longer bear financially.


So with heavy hearts they felt that euthanasia was their only option. It wasn’t until they made a plea with their caring neighbor, the very compassionate Linda, that they realized they had another option. Linda didn’t know how she was going to be able to take on the responsibility for this young and very beautiful yellow lab girl but something told her she had to. At first it was with her intention of fostering her until she could be placed in a loving home. Well, I’m sure you’ve already guessed which loving home Maggie stayed in.

Maggie came with her needs and complications, but Linda never let that get her down. She had sores that had developed from dragging herself across the yard and over the gravel. There was one sore on the back of her heel that was so bad and very infected that the veterinarian recommended amputation or perhaps “euthanasia would probably be best in this case.” After having some time to think about the vet’s recommendation she thought that there just had to be something else, some other way. She started looking at alternative treatments on-line and happened to stumble across “La Paw Spa” and read all the testimonials put there by many grateful clients. In the next few days she contacted La Paw Spa to make an appointment. She wasn’t expecting any miracles since the beloved Maggie was 2 1/2 years into her paralysis. She had thought that maybe this could give her a better quality to her life.

On the day of her appointment they arrived and everyone was very taken with Maggie and her happy smiling face. She entered the spa and soon became comfortable and at home in the water. She swims weekly and this delightful dog has become strong enough to sit up on her own, stand from a sitting position, can stand on all fours and can even walk and sometimes run – without her wheels.

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