Mica, Grace and Melody

I just wanted to pass along our incredible experience yesterday with Melody (who trained with you). Our 5-year-old border collie Mica, was rescued 4 years ago after having severe anxiety issues and the owners were going to euthanize him. We have worked extensively with Mica to help him overcome his fears and he has made such great progress! He sustained an ACL injury with the original owners, so our goal was to improve the strength and condition of the leg without surgery.

Melody and Mica

That brought us to Melody! I have to say, I was completely worried that Mica would not be able to get into the pool, let alone enjoy the therapy. Boy was i wrong! I have attached a photo of MIca, just floating in the pool with Melody, totally relaxed and at peace. It moved me to tears. I’ve never seen him (in three years) let go of his tension and just enjoy a moment. Melody commented that he touched her heart and when the session was over, he wouldn’t come out of the pool 🙂

Melody and Mica

I just wanted to thank you for guiding Melody to this special service and gift. It was a moment I’ll never forget. (Mica never did paddle or swim, just let Melody guide him through the water, resting his head on her shoulder…..what a connection!)

You have my gratitude and thanks.