Ok! So now you have a pool ! Now the fun begins – – – shopping for floating dog toys and getting all the other cool stuff that you need.

Did you know that when you open a dog spa FLOATING DOG TOYS are a legitimate expense on your tax return ?

Floating Dog Toys

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Skamper Ramp

This simple device will save pets and little critters’ lives. Skamper-Ramp works! It’s possible that your Skamper-Ramp will never be called upon to save your dog, or neighborhood cats. It is reassuring though, to have it “ready” just in case. The Skamper Ramp will however, save animals’ lives and you probably won’t even be aware of it. All sorts of creatures can find their way into your pool. Most of these episodes happen while everyone is sleeping. You won’t be having any more of those “morning surprises” in you pool or skimmer basket.

Skamper-Ramp offers animals, which have had the misfortune of accidentally falling into your pool, a way out before they have succumbed to drowning by sheer exhaustion. Skamper Ramp provides an exit route for animals up to approximately 30 lbs. For larger animals up to 70lbs., Skamper Ramp Big Dog is what you need.