Mobility Aids

There are so many amazing mobility aides now that there is bound to be one that will fit your lifestyle and your canine friend…

Ava in her cart
Ava in her cart
K9 Cart CompanyK9 Cart Company Located in Langley, WA.
Ruffwear Harness from – “better to hop on three legs than limp on four”
Dewey's Wheelchairs for DogsDewey’s Wheelchairs for Dogs
Eddie's WheelsEddie’s Wheels
Tail Wagon
Doggon WheelsDoggon’ Wheels I was able to see one of their quad carts in action. Light and well built and perfect for my client who not only had lost the ability to walk in back but was weak in front. The front wheels could be raised or lowered as needed for perfect and safe support.
Ty-Lift EnterprisesTy-Lift Enterprises Specializing in Patented Animal Transport Units On Wheels
Animal Rehab ServicesAnimal Rehab Services We specialize in custom-made braces and animal wheel chairs for dogs and cats.
Bottom's Up LeashBottom’s Up Leash
Hartman's Hip Helper HarnessHartman’s Hip Helper Harness Dog Harness for canine mobility which allows your support and assistance to dogs who are disabled or crippled due to hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, arthritis, spinal injuries, surgery, or other conditions. The one full-body harness giving better weight distribution for rear support and can remain on your dog!
Ortho Vet SPLINTSOrtho Vet SPLINTS The new OrthoVet Splints are modeled after the human splints that have become increasingly popular for lower leg, ankle and foot injuries.
C & D Pet StepsC & D Pet Steps Give your pets a step up to their favorite nap site (your bed, no doubt!). Perfect for tiny breeds, older animals, and those with injuries and other disabilities that restrict their jumping on and off furniture.
Lift harnesses are perfect for front end support as you help your companion get around.
The “Help ‘Em Up Harness with Hip Lift“. A complete shoulder and hip harness system that can benefit aging and other dogs. By simply placing a pair of handles where you can easily reach them this helpful harness allows you to lend assistance at any moment.
Guido in his buggy
Guido in his buggy