Otto – Warm Water Helps Arthritis and Pain

Our experiences at La Paw Spa were truly enlightening. Otto, our 14 year old, arthritic lab-mix had developed stiffness and discomfort in his hips and paws. In our attempt to help relieve his pain we sought out Cindy at La Paw Spa since we had read about the healing effects of hydrotherapy for dogs. Our initial visit was filled with wonder and amazement.

Otto Greeting Friends at the Pool

Otto, who throughout his entire life maintained a very reserved, “don’t touch me” disposition with all strangers, instantly responded to Cindy’s warmth. There was an unexplainable bond and trust between them, which was apparent immediately even before descending into the pool. As Cindy bent down to greet Otto he walked right up to her without any provocation and administered enthusiastic kisses, as if greeting a long lost friend. We were amazed since this was highly unusual behavior for Otto.

This is Cindy’s gift, her ability to magically transcend the barriers between humans and animals by deeply connecting with the essence and spirit of each dog she encounters. We witnessed this the very first day that Otto and Cindy met, just as we did on each subsequent visit. This bond and trust between them was most apparent in the pool.

Otto - Happy in the Water

Throughout each gentle swimming session Cindy would massage Otto’s painful hips and legs, which seemed to release the discomfort he felt in those areas. Otto was at peace in Cindy’s pool, and she continually made him feel safe and calm while he paddled his laps or while getting massaged. During our pool visits Otto knew we were there to help him, to help ease his pain, to bring him joy.

Cindy creates a very nurturing environment for dogs (and their humans), through her calm, warming manner, as well as the beauty of her healing spa. Bonding with Otto in Cindy’s pool was one of the most enriching experiences of our lives. Each session provided an opportunity for opening more pathways and channels of communication with our beloved dog. Our bond and connection with Otto was undeniably richer and deeper after each pool session at La Paw Spa.

We were free spirits swimming together in Cindy’s pool, free of pain, free of worries, reveling in the sheer joy of playing and swimming in the warm, healing water together. Some of our most cherished, special memories of Otto were spent with him at Cindy’s spa in her pool.

Otto graced this earth for 15 years and we are truly grateful to Cindy for bringing our dear friend and companion so much joy during the final year of his life, and for helping to ease his pain. I reflect often on the wondrous smiles of elation and happiness that Otto would beam at us while swimming in Cindy’s pool. There was that adoring look in his eyes each time we brought him to the spa, an intense loving gaze that seemed to say, “Thank you. Thank you so much for bringing me here and for sharing this special time with me.”

Randy and Kyle with their dear Otto