One of my favorite beds for my spa or an incontinent pet, is a twin size
futon or mattress with a zippered full vinyl cover and then a flannel fitted
sheet that matches the décor. This bed is inexpensive, easy to manage
and you can cuddle up on it too!

Dog in a blanket

You can also get these to fit any size mattress so you can put one on your
bed too if you like to sleep with your dog. This way you don’t have to worry
about an accident getting into your mattress. They make better more expensive
waterproof covers for this application that don’t have that plastic sound and
you probably would only need the fitted variety – not the zippered kind like we
use on the twin size floor beds.

Pet Beds Northwest Pet Beds
Making quality furnishings for our four legged family members in
the style of their human mentors. Contact me to see what can be done to create
a bed for your homes decor. Each piece will be one of a kind and will be built
for your pets size.
Bowser Pet Products Bowser Pet Products Bowsers’ specialty pet beds and travel
accessories combine superior quality materials, workmanship, distinctive
fabrics and most of all, great design. Designs include the very popular Donut
Beds and Loungers. So comfy!
A really neat bed for dogs who need
airflow under them, and also for dogs with incontinence issues.
Water Proof Pet Beds

These are great for dogs that might have incontinence issues.

Waterproof Mattress Covers

We all know what these are essential for! Don’t let a silly thing like
incontinence get in the way of having a normal life!

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