Question: Hi! I am wondering why there are not more pools
for hydrotherapy here in Australia yet? I have been researching the water
treadmills and believe they would be an excellent rehab process amongst other
types of medical reasons. Do you recommend them as an alternative if you do not
have the room for a full functioning pool set up?

Thank you, Cathy

Answer (by Cindy Horsfall): Hello Cathy,

This is a great question.

To build a POOL vs a TREADMILL….

Many things to consider here…

First, it’s important to consider the intent of your investment. After you
have considered this,- you’ll want to explore the local laws to make sure you
can legally do what you are intending.

If you get a treadmill, your goal would most likely be for rehabilitation
work, gait re-patterning and strength building. In many parts of the world,
there are laws against anyone but a licensed veterinarian to do any kind of
rehabilitation work. Many in the USA have been shut down who have treadmills as
its hard to say you are doing anything ELSE except rehab with a treadmill. Not
so with a pool as you can change your wording to swimming and resistance work
in water and stay away from the more clinical (and illegal) terms used with

So the first thing I advise is for you to check your local laws and build a
vision that complies with the laws.

Second, you brought up space as an issue… and yes, a treadmill can be
carried in through a smaller door, you don’t need the headroom as your work is
done at ground level and takes up half the space as a swim spa.

A smaller swim spa still takes up about 8×14 or more in floor space … with
3′ around it you’re looking at needing to dedicate a space at least 14×20. More
than this, you do need a larger door or window so that the spa can be carried
into the space and ideally you would have at least 10′ ceilings so you could
build a ramp up and deck around it for safe access.

Expenses? A treadmill usually runs twice the cost of a swim spa as it’s a
highly specialized item. Most likely, the expenses to run the treadmill are
less however…

Both are excellent options and rewarding things to offer in your business.
Please keep us posted on what you decide to do and good luck!!!! Let me know if
you have any other questions or thoughts – – – –

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