Pools and Pool Products

When thinking about putting in a canine therapy or swim pool or spa, there are a few things to consider. Depth of pool, a safe access for you and the dog to and into the pool, size of pool and how you are going to keep the pool water safe.

When thinking of WHERE to locate this pool, you will need to consider the zoning for this business in your area, the laws, whether to own or rent your space and other fun facts like where you are going to dump your water and how you are going to ventilate the moisture in the air so that you provide a safe environment for you and your clients.

When it comes to pool water safety, you will need to boost your water flow to increase the number of times that your pool water is pushed through the filters, you will need to choose a sanitation method and you will need to choose a filtering method. It is all a dance between water flow, sanitation and filtration.

Canine Flotation Device for Therapy Work:
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Filtration Methods:
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How to test/maintain your pool water:
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Sanitation Methods:
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Towels and the laundering of towels will be one item that anyone with a pool
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Water Flow:
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Where to Put Your Pool:
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