There are many methods of promotion within the media mix that allow you to
introduce your unique service to the public. A quite successful tool, when used
effectively, is the “press release.”

A successful press release announces your canine services to the general
population, the local veterinarians, canine association members, and other
“target” markets for your services.

The goal of your announcement is seeing an article about your services
followed by watching an increase in the number of clients on a weekly

Through this “free advertising”, you can increase your visibility, add
credibility to you and the service you offer, approach new markets, and
establish a higher standing among your peer and within your community.

You do not have to be a great writer for a successful press release. You can
inform, inspire, and motivate potential customers to call you by following a
few basic steps and organizing relevant information about your facility, your
services, your staff, your customers, and even you personally.

By taking advantage of the local media, you may be able to receive “free”
publicity about unique services you offer, a new service you’re starting,
unique products you carry, impressive staffing qualifications, your success
stories, and you and what you are contributing to the local community: The
following list is the same list used for compiling copy for your flyers and
post cards:

Your credentials:

  • Previous vocations or hobbies
  • Affiliations to vocational and business organizations
  • Your Staff and their credentials and skills
  • Your facility, location and structure
  • Special treatments you offer
  • Special rates for specific services or programs
  • Unique tools or equipment you utilize
  • Additional products you may offer at your location or through your web

The “standard” checklist for drafting a press release is to clearly state
the “Who”, “What”, “Where”, “Why”, and “How” of you and your unique service to
your community.

The critical element in getting your “information” sheet published is the
degree of relevancy of what you are promoting and how it relates to their
specific readership.

Timing is the second most critical element. If you can connect your press
release with a specific event, such as a dog show, publication editors may be
more willing to publish your story.

Local newspapers thrive on interesting, unusual, and even sensational
information about local people and what is going on within their community.
Your task is to compel the editors to want to include your own unique story to
their publication.

The more involved your story, the greater your chances that the local
publication will have a reporter call or even come by for more detailed
information for an in-depth article. Please keep in mind that a publication is
never obligated to print any information even if they send a reporter to gather
more information.

If you are fortunate to live in a large community, you will have a number of
publications available to you. Just as the first marketing article reviewed how
to build a list of prospects, you can do the same by researching the number of
publications within your community and selecting those that would address your
“markets.” The SIC number you would use to start your research is: SIC 2711 –
Newspaper Publishers. You can narrow down your list research by selecting
specific ZIP codes or a broader geography of a metropolitan area such as:

There are as many ways you can present your information as there are
publications you can submit your press release. There are also guides, for a
$40 fee, that offer copy writing tips as well as detailed public relations

“David Leonhardt” 3854 County Road 7, RR2 – Chesterville , ON ,Canada , K0C

Of course there are a number of web sites that offer free advice such as the
ALLBUSINESS – Champions of Small Business at:

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