Ramps and Steps

One of the first things hurdles that we come to, when we enter a less active state, is to consider how to get into and out of the car, the house, how to maneuver stairs, how to get up on the bed etc … luckily we are not alone! And there are many products here that will help in this area as well !

Dog Stairs & Dog Ramps for Pools & Boats

Dog Stairs & Dog Ramps for Pools & Boats at America’s Pet Store

Handi Ramp

Don’t overlook handicap options for humans: here’s a light,
affordable ramp
 for just over $100.

C & D Pet Steps"

C & D Pet Steps Give your pets a step up to their favorite nap
site (your bed, no doubt!). Perfect for tiny breeds, older animals, and those with injuries and other disabilities that restrict their jumping on and off furniture.

My favorite, and incredibly flexible, ramp.

Amazon actually has a surprisingly large collection of dog ramps to help
ease your back and keep your friend mobile.