SEA DOGG High Visibility Buoyant Swim Collar for Dogs

Update: Though the concept of this collar was a good one, unfortunately this particular company is no longer in business, and it is no longer available.


Central Bay Technology, Inc. has created the SEA DOGG High-Visibility Buoyant Swim Collar for Dogs. This collar provides additional buoyant support for a dog’s head and neck when swimming or afloat. It assists a dog in keeping their head sufficiently above the water in order to minimize the amount of water inadvertently swallowed while retrieving an object in their open jaws.


It is not restrictive to a dog’s natural swimming ability or agility of movement on land, is not at risk of being rendered useless if punctured and is easily applied to and removed from a dog.

The SEA DOGG Buoyant Swim Collar is made from a special closed-cell foam material that will not absorb water like a sponge, yet is highly flexible and soft. The collar is coated with a smooth layer of vinyl to maximize its hydro-dynamic performance and allow a dog to move through the water with minimal resistance. The collar is adjustable to fit neck sizes 11″ to 20″ using simple hook and loop fastener material.

$9.95 each

Review from Sandy Fisher of K9 Aquatics, Inc. in Sammamish, WA


I initially tried this with Fynn, my English Bulldog (pictured at left), who needed flotation around his neck, in addition to the flotation vest he wore. The SEA DOGG collar worked wonderfully! I have since used the SEA DOGG collar with many of our swim clients and am very happy with it. I have previously used a WATSU float but have had a difficult time finding them as they have been discontinued so this is a nice replacement product. The only drawback is they only come in one size so they will not work for small or very large dogs. This is definitely a product I will have on hand as a swim aid in my spa!