Shane in the pool with Cindy

Thank you so much for seeing Shane. You’ve helped him a lot, but also you’ve helped me.

When Shane was first diagnosed it was very difficult for me to accept. I didn’t want him to be limited in any way, and in many
ways ~I~ didn’t want to have to limit him either.

Just going, talking to you and such has helped me see that it’s really not a big deal. His needs have changed but he’s still a
happy, active dog.

Boy, it was a real blow to find out Shane really is mortal. I was hoping he was indestructible.

Dr. Engen thought he looked great today. He didn’t notice any major signs of tenderness in his lower back (maybe just a little)
and agrees – no surgery!!! I asked if it was okay to let him play with the crew, and he said that as long as I keep it brief and
supervised it should be fine. If I’m not home, though, I should still keep him confined. No problem!

Shane's Ad

He basically said to keep doing what we’re doing and he thinks all should be well. If pain or re-injury occurs he said to come
back and they may do a myelography, but maybe not surgery even then, depending.

Cool, huh? 😀

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