Tails from the Water – No. 2

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No. 2


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The last time we “talked”, I had just signed a 10-year lease for commercial space so that I could build my dream spa. It seemed like such a simple thing to do. Little did I know that the next 6 months of my life would be one of the most challenging times in my life – a time where all my dreams were threatened, questioned and put to a test…

A Spa Is Born – Part 2

The Sequim location - the side you don't see

What makes a commercial space perfect for a canine hydrotherapy center you might ask? Access, safety, ceiling height, grass, legal zoning, zen potential to name just a few things. I knew as soon as I walked into this building that it was perfect.

What makes a space perfect for this kind of business? Read more about what you need to know as we continue with A Spa Is Born – Part 2

What is Canine Water Therapy?

After all these years I thought I knew the definition of Canine Water Therapy but then I met Sarah, who expanded the definition into an entirely new dimension that I had not yet thought of.

Sarah is a six-year-old lab who has had some spondylosis in her spine. She is a perfect candidate for water therapy, but that’s only part of the story.

Continue Reading about Sarah’s gift to her beloved guardians in Sarah’s Gift – A New Definition of “Canine Water Therapy”

The Wonderful World of Fascia – Part 2

In Fascia: That Which Connects Us, I talked about fascia: a connective tissue in the body that supports, but can also restrict  movement. In school we used to take photographs of the humans we worked on and noted how they changed in just one hour of fascia release work. We had them stand in front of grids on the wall so we could measure the changes. The recipients of this work would usually comment on how their clothes fit differently after their session.

I have been doing fascia release work with dogs now for a few years and yet I have never had a measurement to show the profound change – until I met Biz.

Continue Reading: Fascia: The Wonderful World, Continued

Book or Music Report

In each issue I feature my current book or music favorite. Today it’s Detaching the World Vol. 1 – Ambient Music for Massage/Relaxation/Meditation.

Many times during these last 6 months of construction stress, I found myself wanting to just be transported away to music. This album, Detaching the World – Volume 1 – was just the ticket out. The slow constant rhythms gave the left brain something to think about and then away you gooooo…

Detaching the World Vol. 1 - Ambient Music for Massage/Relaxation/Meditation

WARNING: Do NOT listen to this CD if you have ANYTHING to do !!!

I’m building a comprehensive set of resources out on my website – be sure to check it out!

Ask Luna!

Hi, I'm Luna! Ask me anything!

Ok… so my boss “Luna” (the 18 month old female german shepherd that owns me) wanted to be involved with this newsletter too and invites you to ask her questions. If you have something that you would like to ask Luna, please visit her Ask Luna! page! She’d love to answer any of your questions. One of our readers posed this question:

Dear Luna, I am so confused … who should be president of the United States?

Luna’s Response:

Click here for Luna’s Response!

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