The Power of Water

Oh man…the power of water. A friend housesitting for a friend, with a 14 y.o. black german shepard. All of a sudden he’s not walking on back legs, and one front leg painful and he isn’t able to make turns because of the one leg. She gives him some pain meds and helps him around ’til she could get him swimming today at my pool.

In our session today, we didn’t do any swimming – just holding him in water and gentle body work, mostly t-touch. He was walking again outside of the pool! I was in total awe. Water is sooo powerful. Of course we’re going to follow up with chiropractic and see how he does and get him back. But she said owner would have probably put him down and now maybe he can live longer. His spirit is beautiful. How awesome to be a part of something like that and see it work!

thank you thank you thank you. I know I would never be where I am w/o your classes and encouragement!