The Sequim Pool: Clean and Green

By using a combination system of Hydrogen Peroxide, Ultra-Violet Light, & Super Filtration we keep the water healthy and clean for the environment!

Hydrogen peroxide kills microorganisms by over oxidizing them with too much oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide is water and oxygen, the two most essential and beneficial elements to human life. H202 will naturally and completely decompose through its usage cycle into pure and safe atoms of only water and oxygen. Thus, there is neither chemical build up nor conversion to other chemical compositions. Treated to drinking water standards, but without the chlorine, our pool water is toxin-free.

Reflections on clean water ... the first step to a great experience.

UV is used to sanitize the water. Ultra-Violet light systems reduce the organic material load in the water and kill bacteria and parasites that chlorine is not effective in killing. Chlorine can take up to a week to kill some bacteria, where UV destroys the genetic code of viruses, parasites, and bacteria and instantly kills them. There are no serious health hazards associated with UV as there are no chemicals involved. The water passes through contained UV units, outside of the pool, where it is sanitized of all organic matter. UV eliminates health hazards associated with chemical bi-products and protects against Recreational Water Illness (RWI). UV disinfects water to near pure form, but leaves no residual disinfectant as with chemicals.

Triple filtration systems process the water every hour. This is up to 600% cleaner than the health code requires.