Therapy is a splash with dogs

By Barbara Brachtl Special to The Seattle Times

(From the October 2, 2000 edition of The Seattle Times.)

Three years ago, Cindy Horsfall’s 5-year-old German shepherd, Ava, became paralyzed from her shoulders down. The dog might have had a stroke, said the veterinarians Horsfall consulted, and they doubted she’d ever walk again. Two suggested that she have Ava “put down.”

But Horsfall had a better idea.

Cindy Horsfall and her German shepherd, Ava, in the pool...

She’d once been involved in rehabilitating racehorses using water therapy and had long wanted to create a water-therapy center for dogs. With a dog she dearly loved needing help, the time had come.

Today, La Paw Spa may be the only facility in the state offering water therapy and massage for canine pets. Some 20 dogs and their owners come each week to the 16-foot swim spa in Horsfall’s home east of Redmond.

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