Toolbox Clinics

The principles of water therapy are the same across the board – getting a dog safely into the water, allowing the warmth of  the water support you both in a weightless environment, etc…

Swimming is usually a part of water therapy but it doesn’t have to be. Even for a dog who is swimming, there will need to be  resting times as water is up to 20 times the resistance of air and we will need to rest. It’s during this resting time when  you can apply some of your tools… Acupressure, TTouch, Reiki, Massage, Fascia Release and the list goes on and on – – –  there are so many tools to draw from and I urge you to take classes in anything that resonates with you in order to build up  your tool box.

In 2007 I began to offer tool box clinics. These are first made available to my LEVEL 2 Graduates and then if there is space left, they’re opened up to my level one graduates. We study one particular
modality and then take it to the water and work with dogs.

Please check back from time to time and we’ll keep you posted on our availability!

Subjects for future tool boxes include T-Touch techniques applied in water, Hospice and Geriatric Support, The Complicated Client, Difficult Dogs and those that love them, and etc……