Triple Crown Easy Glider

The Triple Crown Easy Glider is easy to throw straight and level, even if you are inexperienced. The unique design allows for it to glide through the air without taking sharp arcs or turns, as well as land gently, making it easy for your dog to follow and catch. Plus, it is made of highly durable soft foam that will hold up to being in your dog’s mouth without cutting or hurting him. It also floats in water for disc catching fun at a lake, beach, or pool. Size: 9″ diameter

easy glider

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use the Easy Glider in water?

The Easy Glider floats in water for disc catching fun at a lake, beach, pool, or anywhere.

Can my dog chew on the Easy Glider?

The Easy Glider is intended as an interactive toy for you and your dog to play with together, not a chew toy.

Will the Easy Glider hurt my dog’s mouth?

Since the Easy Glider is made from a soft, foam-like material, it is comfortable for your dog to hold in his mouth and you don’t have to worry about sharp edges forming from teeth marks.

easy glider

My dog is very rough with his toys- will the Easy Glider last?

Though the Easy Glider is soft, the material is very durable and puncture resistant. Dogs can sink their teeth into it and even pull against it without much more than surface damage. The Easy Glider is not intended as a chew toy. With normal use, the Easy Glider will hold up better than most flying discs.

The Triple Crown Easy Glider comes with an 18 page booklet with training tips and information. Access to training videos is also available on their website (

Brodie’s Rating: Brodie tested the Easy Glider and immediately was taken with it. It is very lightweight so it can sail through the air (first time out I overthrew the pool). It sits high in the water for easy visibility. At the end of the session, he didn’t want to give it back and continued to chew a bit on it and it held up well. Definitely a hit!

The Easy Glider,
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Retail price is $12.99

Brodie’s Sink or Swim Rating: SWIM!!!!