Veterinarian – Dr. Michael Salewski, DVM

Dr. Michael Salewski, DVM

We are excited to announce that Michael Salewski, DVM, the founder and sole
practitioner at Hindsight Veterinary Care in Carlton, Oregon will be offering
his services at LA PAW SPA every 8 weeks in the alternative modalities including

Dr Salewski is a wonderful team player and will work with your primary
veterinarian and Cindy at La Paw Spa in building a program for success for your
canine friend.

Hindsight uses the modalities of chiropractic and traditional Chinese
veterinary medicine (TCVM) to treat patients. Chiropractic corrects mechanical
imbalances while TCVM works on the energetic, or physiologic, properties of our
animals. Many animals come to Dr. Salewski – from the performance dogs looking
to optimize that performance by improving suppleness, strength, and stamina to
others who are in need to manage pain, weakness, or the multitude of other
issues that crop up with age.

Half Hour Sessions with Dr Salewski are $135 for a single dog and $150 for two dogs and can be booked by contacting
Cindy Horsfall.

Stay tuned for our new schedule for Dr Mike at La Paw Spa.

To read more about Dr. Michael Salewski, please visit his website at:

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Please call/text Cindy at 425 222 9663 if you're interested in becoming a student or client.

Thank you for your patience.