VO-Toys Ruff & Tough Doggie Boomerang

The Ruff & Tough Doggie Boomerang is made by Vo-Toys. They state that the Doggie Boomerang is:

  • Built to Last
  • Tougher than the rest when put to the test
  • Extra durable construction
  • Heavy duty material
  • Floats in water
  • Easy to throw, pull and tug
  • Squeaks

Brodie’s Rating: Brodie enjoyed this toy, however after a 20 minute swim session, the toy was already ripped (see picture below). Brodie did not chew or tug with the toy. He simply retrieved it. Not quite as durable as the manufacturer states. This isn’t a water toy that we could recommend.

The Vo-Toys Doggie Boomerang
Retail price is $8.99

Brodie’s Sink or Swim Rating: SINK!!!!

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