What else do I need to know before coming?

Question: What else do I need to know before coming to La Paw Spa?

Answer: There are many things that will help us to keep the pool safe and clean for everyone. Here are a few tips:

  • Please be certain that your dog is brushed before coming to the spa.
    If you are self swimming, please be certain to skim the pool of as much hair as possible after your session as a courtesy to the client who comes in after you.
  • If your dog has a problem with incontinence of the bowel or bladder,please stimulate him or her to urinate or defecate before entering the spa. If you are uncertain how to express the bladder or stimulate the bowels, then please let Cindy know and she’ll come out and show you at the beginning of your first session. Its an easy thing to learn and both you and your canine friend will appreciate knowing how to manage this…
  • We would appreciate it, for the sake of the people who have to be in the water, as well as for the health of our canine friends, some of whom are very chemically sensitive, if you would avoid using commercial flea products like Advantage on your dog. Advantage is not completely water proof, and inevitably some of it will end up in the pool. Cindy has many natural flea prevention methods that she will be glad to discuss with you if the need arises.