Question: When can I do self swimming?

Answer: Well, that depends on your skill and what your dog
requires. Many people who want to self swim require only one instructional
session from Cindy and then they are well on their way. Some people prefer to
spend a bit more time with Cindy before they feel capable of “taking the oars”,
so to speak. This is highly individual, and something to be decided between
you, Cindy, and your canine partner.

The most important thing you’ll want to know before you self swim is how to
get your dog in the water safely by yourself and how to keep your dog IN the
water until the end of your session. A common mistake is to let your dog out of
the water during the session. Going from the weightless environment of the
water, to the weighted environment of land and back is not necessarily good for
your dog and can even be dangerous. Its also important to understand that you
can easily do TOO MUCH swimming… so we’d work on that too. There are massage
moves and things you can do when resting – Cindy would love to help you learn
these new skills and to build a program for you and your pup.

Some of Cindy’s self swimming clients enjoy doing periodic therapy swims
with Cindy while they are doing their self swims – as a way to monitor their
dog’s progress and to answer any questions.

Swimming your canine friend can be truly rewarding and fun… there are many
pools in the area that allow self swimming or perhaps you may even have your
own pool! Cindy would love to help to get you comfortable in the water with
your canine friend.

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