Why Warm Water?



In Aquatic bodywork, we work from a comprehensive perspective that embraces both Eastern and Western models of the body. According to this expanded view, loss of flexibility in joints and muscles is not only physiological in origin, but emotional as well.*

 Diminished Muscular Tension
 Increased Range of Motion
 Reduction of Pain
 Augmented Peripheral Circulation
 Normalization of Muscle Tone
 Reduced Stress and Anxiety
 Increased Body Awareness
 Release of Emotional Stress

Warmth of the Water:

As the temperature of the therapy pool approaches core body temperature, heat energy is absorbed into the body through conduction in stillness, and through convection when moved. Heat production metabolism slows down as warmth is supplied from the outside. The viscosity of muscles is reduced and circulation to them is enhanced several-fold. In this softer, more elastic state, muscles are more amenable to stretching.*

Water Pressure:

The body is subjected to greater pressure in water than out of it. This squeezing pressure increases both lymphatic and venous return from the limbs, helping to clear the metabolites from muscle and connective tissues, rendering the body more amenable to stretches. The raised levels of blood and lymph entering the right atrium of the heart slows it down, producing a calming effect, also favorable to stretching. Beyond this, the equal and omni-directional pressure in water stabilizes joints, making stretches safer.*

*Alexander Georgeakopoulos

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