Question: I notice you only teach 3-4 times a year and sell
out quickly – will you ever take more than 6 students or teach more often?

Answer: One of the big things I teach in all of my classes
is to always be the best you can be, to take care of yourself and to be fully
present when you are with a client. I practice what I preach here with my
teaching schedule. I want to be present for my students. I want to be able to
fully hear each student’s story and be able to support their needs and address
these in class. I want to be able to KNOW my students, enjoy emails later and
enjoy hearing about their lives. Its not about quantity… its about

I practice this in my therapy sessions as well, I only provide therapy 4
days a week and limit the number of people who I can see so that I can be fully
there for them. I don’t delegate my work anymore as I’d rather just refer to
another therapist or pool.. I want to be fully responsible to those who seek
services at La Paw Spa.

If a custom or private training appeals to you, my hometown facility on the Olympic Peninsula
allows us the opportunity to create a custom experience for you. Please
contact me if you are interested in this option and
we’ll make a plan.

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