You’re busy! How can I get my dog into see you?

Question: I notice you only provide sessions 4 days a week and don’t have a staff, how can I get my dog into see you?

Answer: One of the big things I teach in all of my classes is to always be the best you can be, to take care of yourself and to be fully present when you are with a client. I practice what I preach here in providing therapy. I limit the number of people who I can see so that I can be fully there for them. I don’t delegate my work anymore as I’d rather just refer to another therapist or pool.. I want to be fully responsible to those who seek services at La Paw Spa.

With that said, I am so happy to say – that there are wonderful therapists and pools in the area that I enjoy referring to. I welcome all calls and emails and am sincere in wanting to help you. I don’t charge for referring or talking to you about your situation and will help you get on the right path if you have any questions.

We can usually schedule a one time appt at the very least to help you get on track if you need that – and I do offer phone consults as well if you need more time and need to chat…