Zion – Aquatic Therapy for Degenerative Myelopathy

My beautiful boy dog, Zion, had Degenerative Myelopathy of the German Shepherd Dog (DM is a progressive disease that gradually paralyzes the dog). Zion’s physical deterioration was heartbreaking, but taking him to La Paw Spa was like taking a trip back in time to Warm Springs in the days of Polio.

Zion in his cart

Zion loved the warm water, it helped him to feel better and he had the freedom to swim even after his rear legs were numb and unresponsive on land. He simply glowed with joy after swimming and massage, with a huge smile on his face. And this was a dog who feared to swim most of his life…

Cindy’s gentleness and expertise helped him learn how kind water could be.

The spa provides a rare and special service…offering comfort to human and dog, and to some extent even hope. A hope that exists even in the face of a fatal disease; a wonderful, generous and golden gift in the midst of what could have been a grief-filled time.

Comfort and fun for the dog, and encouragement for the dog’s human. Tea, good humor, wet clothes for those who want to get close, and a candle to light the way home….

There is simply no place else like La Paw Spa!