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Cindy Horsfall


Cindy Horsfall started La Paw Spa in 1994 and is nationally recognized as a pioneer of warm water therapy for dogs. With over 16,000 hours in the water working with our canine friends, you will appreciate the vast experience that Cindy will bring to your session. Known for her gentle, compassionate presence and an innate, intuitive ability to communicate from the heart. Click Here for availability, location and information about how to book a session with Cindy at La Paw Spa.


Cindy Horsfall, Licensed Massage Practitioner, Licensed Small Animal Therapist and Certified Aquatic Therapist – has a rich background in the healing arts and a profound passion for Aquatic Bodywork. Fully committed to sharing all that she has learned, Cindy offers enthusiastic support, insight and a wealth of personal experience to anyone wishing to learn more about this work in the water and about themselves. Cindy has established a Training Program for those interested in this work. Click here for more information about these Training Opportunities.

We are constantly adding articles and updating information to this part of our website so that it can continue to be the place people come to seek assistance and resources for therapy protocols, geriatric care, disability support and other challenges. Also, for students and therapists who seek to serve dogs and their people, you’ll find resources here about pools, how to teach and orchestrate an effective class, how to help facilitate healing and how we can serve to our highest potential.



“Cindy, we miss you on this side but know you are doing a great job where you are and there are a lot of patients that need your expertise.”

– Dr. Mark Engen
Puget Sound Animal Hospital


Cindy Horsfall is the
“canine water-therapy pioneer,”
says USA Today



“The care that you are providing to the clients that I am sending to you is nothing short of spectacular … Thank You Cindy”

– Dr Sharon Jensen, DVM
Blue Mountain Vet Hospital



Riley shares a special birthday spa session with Cindy


My Mission

To assist canine and human companion alike in physical, emotional and spiritual healing. To help unfold the blessings and gifts hidden in hardship, disabilities and the aging process. To be present and lovingly available to both during these times.



I have been using essential oils and natural products and becoming increasingly educated and blown away by the profound healing available to us and want to share these with you.
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Sophie’s Story

Surviving Bone Cancer

Sophie came into our life in 2007. Our journey really began two years before that, in August 2005. Click here to read more.

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