The Sequim Pool

Reflections on clean water ... the first step to a great experience.

With gentle access ramps, the spa is truly another area of comfort for both you and your canine friend. Soft music and lights will greet you as you enter the room and relax in the comfy chairs at pool side. A state of the art air ventilation system provides the optimum healthy environment and the UV Light sanitation system for the pool promises us healthy water without the usual chemicals. (Read more about how we keep the pool so clean.)

Wouldn't you like to get in?

After your session, there is the option to enter a private room for drying and resting where you can spend up to an hour before you exit from your session.

Water therapy benefits both the human and canine on many levels. The Sequim Facility has been carefully planned and constructed with these benefits in mind. Read more about the benefits of canine hydrotherapy.