Geriatric and Disability Products and Articles

In our role as animal caretakers, we will eventually get the rich opportunity to care for our pets as they age and perhaps this care will require special needs. I’ve found that often when someone begins to worry about ‘quality of life’ it is usually their own life and their own fears in being able to care for these special needs that are in question. Our society does not often support disability or aging, so this is your opportunity to embrace this amazing process for your pet and move into a role rich with blessings and gifts.

In addition to the resources here, see also “Living with Disabilities” for more on the subject.

Aging Gracefully: Caring For Dogs With Degenerative Myelopathy and Other Mobility Impairments:
As our dogs age, a common scenario is the loss of mobility. Often the hind legs are begin to deteriorate first, due to disease, injury or simply because our friend is getting on in years. The front legs can also begin to lose their ability over time as well. … here are some tips we  picked up along our journey. (Continue Reading…)

Bladder Expression:
It is important that your dog eliminate as much urine as possible from the bladder on a regular basis … (Continue Reading…)

Booties and Protective Wear:
Sometimes when a dog has lost full mobility of a limb, they drag their foot/feet and we need to think about protection. I have seen people get very creative here from daily wrapping with vetrap to little kid mittens and… (Continue Reading…)

Bowel Expression:
In expressing the bowels, you are only helping provide stimulation where the body is compromised and needs help. (Continue Reading…)

Incontinence Aids:
Often due to age or injury, our canine friends will experience some kind of incontinence in their lives. You can have a normal happy long life with an incontinent pet… its just about having the right tools and education. (Continue Reading…)

Mobility Aids:
Help your canine companion stay happy and mobile! (Continue Reading…)

Other Support Products:
We have a growing number of support products and services now in this area of geriatric and disabled pet support. (Continue Reading…)

Pet Beds:
There are some great beds now that offer comfort and support. (Continue Reading…)

Ramps and Steps:
One of the first things hurdles that we come to, when we enter a less active state, is to consider how to get into and out of the car, the house, how to maneuver stairs, how to get up on the bed etc (Continue Reading…)

Reflections on Dying – ‘Death by Inches’:
My beloved dog Cricket is slowly slipping away. I keep thinking each day might be her last, and yet she keeps on surprising me … (Continue Reading…)