Gabriel – Water Massage for Canine Athlete

My golden retriever, Gabriel, can be pretty hyper and intense, so it’s amazing to see him literally melt in Cindy’s arms as she works her magic touch. However, it isn’t just Cindy’s expert ability to work with Gabriel’s oh-so-tight muscles that impresses me. She also has a wonderfully fine attunement to Gabriel, sensing the very fine nuances of his emotions and behavior. This understanding helps guide her as she works with him, eliciting the very best results. And Gabriel absolutely …

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BB – Water Therapy for Degenerative Myelopathy

My Pug BB is 15 years old and suffers from a degenerative neurological condition that has caused weakness in her rear legs. As a result she has great difficulty in walking. BB has been coming to La Paw Spa weekly for almost 2 years, and the swimming and massage work that Cindy does with her has made a significant difference in her leg strength. After her spa session, her legs are noticeably stronger and more flexible. At first I didn’t …

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Lexi – Aquatic Massage and Swimming

Lexi is a 5-year-old German Shepherd, who has been coming to see Cindy since July of 2002. Lexi has always had sensitivity issues with her tail/rear end. Since the pool therapy, Lexi is no longer tail/rear sensitive. Her whole demeanour towards other dogs has vastly improved!!! I am sorry we didn’t come to see Cindy sooner!!!!

Annie – Canine Rehabilitation for ACL repair

Finding Cindy Horsfall and her unique warm-water-spa-swimming-massage ministry for dogs has meant that our Annie went from a 3-legged canine to walking AND running again … using all 4 legs! Annie is a darling Husky/German Shepherd mix who had developed arthritis in both hind legs. ACL replacement surgery in one leg had helped some, but the other one was getting noticeably worse with rapidly progressing, rather severe arthritis. Aspirin and glucosamine helped some, but vets and canine surgeons could offer …

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Otto – Warm Water Helps Arthritis and Pain

Our experiences at La Paw Spa were truly enlightening. Otto, our 14 year old, arthritic lab-mix had developed stiffness and discomfort in his hips and paws. In our attempt to help relieve his pain we sought out Cindy at La Paw Spa since we had read about the healing effects of hydrotherapy for dogs. Our initial visit was filled with wonder and amazement. Otto, who throughout his entire life maintained a very reserved, “don’t touch me” disposition with all strangers, …

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Jake – Aquatic Treatments for Geriatric Care

The effort of caring for a geriatric dog can be emotionally and physically exhausting. To have this unique place to bring your dog, this oasis in the week, where you can see your dog’s eyes light up as they swim in the pool with Cindy, where you can laugh for a few moments and be rewarded for work of caring with this big smile on your dog’s face is truly a wonderful experience.

Brodie – Teaching a dog to swim

We all know that bulldogs sink like stones… the question was when Sandy brought Brodie to the spa is can a bulldog learn to swim? To everyone’s surprise, Brodie fetches tennis balls in the pool and swims like an Olympic athelete! We’re all amazed at his swimming style and passion for the water. Brodie now not only swims on his own but retrieves tennis balls! You can see our surprise when he snatched his first tennis ball from the water!. …

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Max – Swimming Helps Injury Repair

Before I met Cindy Horsfall, I was at the end of my emotional rope. My precious two-year old Golden Retriever, Max, has suffered an injury to his right hind leg (both bones broken, spiral fractures, etc.). After three surgeries over a four-month period, and complications caused by a systemic bacterial infection, Max had gotten very used to not using his atrophied injured leg. We tried the underwater treadmill, but Max still could not be persuaded to use the bad leg. …

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Cardiff – Surgical Recovery with Water Therapy –

I don’t even know where to begin…..I am in awe of how I’ve seen Cindy expand upon her vision this past year! What started as a dream, and a valuable one, has developed into a well sought after level of experience from canine lovers across the nation. To think of warm water canine therapy, you have to think of its pioneer… Cindy Horsfall. She not only assists those stepping into this business but continues to practice her devotion in the …

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Drifter’s Experience

This is Cindy Horsfall’s interpretation of a dog named Drifter. This interpretation is of Drifter’s first Experience with a canine water therapy program that specializes in physical therapy but has little regard for the emotional safety or spirit of the dog and their guardian… followed by his experience with a therapist who comes from a more heart centered program. My Person is taking me somewhere… We go to a place that specializes in swim therapy for dogs who need to …

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